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Action camera

olfi camera black edition front in case 860x860The Olfi one.five Black action camera is truly packed with features. It has the ability to film in 4K, 1080p/60fps, or 720p/120fps, has external microphone capability, a 16 Megapixel backlit Sony Exmor-R™ sensor, high dynamic range to help footage adjust to low light situations, and is digitally stabilised to reduce natural shake.

The camera comes with a chest mount ( not helmet ).olfi camera chest harness 1300px 860x860

The chest harness is the most popular mounting option for the all-around user, creating a truly immersive experience for the viewer. When you mount your camera on your chest, you bring the viewer into your video and allow them a greater insight into your experiences by capturing your arms, knees, poles, skis and handlebars.

The camera has a 64GB card fitted.

You have 3 options to get a copy of your video

1. You provide a memory card for the camera which conforms to this standard.

Ultra High-Speed UHS-1 Class 3 specification microSDXC Class 10 memory card

2. You provide us with a USB flash stick of 32 or 64GB to copy from Camera (Using the cameras internal 64GB card) to flash stick via our computer. Must be new and unopened packaged usb flash stick. No previously used USB sticks will be plugged into our computer

3 You can buy a new flash stick from us which we copy your video onto, from the internal 64GB. No charge for the copying.

  • 16GB   £9.50
  • 32GB   £11.50
  • 64GB   £15.00

Indication of memory card sizing, 32GB memory card With good quality settings at 1080p 60fps, you can expect this card to save about 5-6 hours of video. Probably all you need.

The battery lasts upto 1.5 hrs approx so for long movies you will need to swap batteries out. We can offer 2 extra batteries which gives you approximately 4.5hrs filming.

Starting From £ 20.00 / per day