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'All these bikes are now located at our shop in LLandudno'

Touring / Road bikes

Hybrid/Touring Bikes

If you are considering riding one of the many cycle touring routes in North Wales and exploring the quiet lanes of Gwynedd , Conwy and Denbighshire then try one of our hybrid or touring bikes. With traditional and e bike options we have bikes to suite your needs. These bikes have narrower  smoother tyres and slightly higher gearing than the mountain bikes and give you an easier ride on smoother surfaces. We can also equip you with panniers, trailers (child and dog) tag-a-long bikes and other touring equipment. Why not try one of our self guided rides   where we transport you and our bikes to a suitable location and provide you with  routes  and maps  and back up support .

Marin Gravel-Touring bikes

ExtraBrakes'Our Marin Gravel-Touring bikes have additional auxiliary brake levers added to the handle bars. These allow the bike brakes to be operated as though the bike has traditional flat bars fitted, ideal when riding in towns or crowded places.

The normal Drop-handle bar brake position is also retained for when riding the bike in a normal road bike position, ideal for a wind cheating riding position. It is easy and quick to switch between the two riding positions, the brakes always being close at hand.'

Giant Touring E-Bike

Giant have produced a great bike for touring, at the end of your hire period you won't want to return it. These bikes are truly wonderful, the bikes have smooth operating front suspension to soak up all the bumps........
The bike is fitted with the latest Yamaha 250watt motor which has 5 levels of assistance avaliable, or you can turn off the assistance completely. Even with the assistance completyely turned off the bike pedals just like a normal bike, there is no resistance from the motor......
The bike has a 500Watt/hr battery, enough to last all day with normal use.These bikes have 18 gears (9 x 2), Disc brakes front and back, fitted with mudguards and a carry rack, also the bike has powerful lights fitted that run from the bike battery.....
The bike has very nice fast rolling wide tyres (700 /45C). The seat can be chosen by yourself as Male or Female, or you can bring your own saddle that you are comfortable with and we will fit it to the bike for the period of your rental.........
If you are hiring the bike for more than a day we will then provide you with the Charger so you can recharge overnight.
The bike(s) must be kept securely overnight as theft of the bike will incur the full cost of replacement (£2400). We can supply locks but these cannot be guaranteed to prevent theft.........
For long term rents and discounts check out the pricing table. These bikes are not available for half day rents.

* Longer term Touring prices HERE!


Note by UK National law no person under the age of 14 years may ride an electric bike....................Beics Betws may also decline to rent an electric bike to any person who wishes to use the electric bikes on the ‘Gwydir Mawr’ or ‘Gwydir Bach’ or ‘Penmachno’ Red graded trails if they have had no or limited experience on Red graded trails in the past, experience is essential.