Bike Service and Repair

During the quieter months we can offer bike servicing and repair.
Our bike technician is qualified to level CYTECH 2 and his main experience is with Mountain, Hybrid and Touring bikes. We are also a registered Bosch E-bike service centre.servicing and repair.

bike repairs


We can give free estimates for work on your bike. This is not a binding contract quote as other issues or problems may arise which may increase the time spent working on the bike, or the price of parts may be greater than originally suggested it. Typically, it should be considered as Labour at £15/hr + parts.

E-Bike Service

We can carry out service on any Bosch powered Ebike (Yamaha systems coming soon). Normally this means connecting the bike to a diagnosis system to read error codes, resetting of error codes. We can do a system print out which gives you lots of information about your bike since it was built, including percentages on how much time the bike has spent in different assistance modes. The charge for this is £15.

FREE 24hr Electric Bike Charging

We have 2 external domestic 3 pin mains sockets outside the building. These are free to use for the charging of Ebikes only. If any device more powerful than an Ebike charger is connected the system will trip out which cannot be reset.
It is necessary for the user to bring their own chargers although we can offer the use of our Bosch and Yamaha chargers if we are not using them ourselves at that time. Bikes can be locked to our railings while being charged. Beics Betws are not responsible for any theft of any bike left while being charged although we will do our best to safeguard the bikes are safe.


We are able to offer bike service for all types of bikes but this can be limited during the Summer season as our Hire bikes take priority. We are less busy from October to April so normally can accommodate bike servicing in the same week as requested. We do attempt to carry out emergency bike repairs at all times of the year without appointment


We have the right Service package for you

General Service

up to 2hrs


+£ Parts

  • Typically
  • Brakes and Gears
  • new tyre fitting/Punctures
  • Wheel Truing- especially necessary for Rim brakes

Full Suspension Pivot Bearing



+£ Parts

  • Replace Full suspension Pivot bearings
  • This work takes longer as the bearings must be removed to establish the bearing sizes and numbers required
  • Then a delay while the bearings are ordered / delivered.


Bike repairs and adjustments

If any problem exists / remains on the bike related to the repair then the bike can be brought back and will be looked at Free of charge. Total satisfaction is our aim.

bike repairs


We offer service on Rim brakes which can include fitting of new Cables / Blocks, and wheel truing.
Hydraulic brakes include Pad / Disc replacement, Brake bleeding to remove air or Full fluid replacement.



Wheel truing if the wheel isn’t too buckled. Spoke replacement of broken or bent spokes, rear wheel costs a little more as it is necessary to remove the gear cassette and disk if fitted.
Please note that if Truing wheels with Aluminium spoke nipples the cost may be higher. Aluminium nipples tend to corrode quickly against the steel spokes and frequently will crumble to pieces when spoke tension is attempted. If this happens it is common to have to cut the spoke out and replace the spoke and nipple. Often coloured nipples are made from Aluminium.
Other work includes greasing and replace wheel bearings. Fitting of new rims. We can order complete replacement wheels but also do carry limited stock in some sizes.



We can measure your chain to see if it needs replacing, this is a free service.
We can fit new chains and supply spare split links. We normally carry in stock chains from 5 to 12 speed. If you bring us a chain to fit, we charge £6, If you buy the chain from us, we charge £2 on top of the chain price.

Companysmall repairs

Small repairs

We can carry out many small repairs such as cable replacement for around £5 + the cable cost. If the cable is through the frame and the Outer cable needs to be replaced then this will rise to £15.
Bent Hangers can be straightened for £10, this does depend on the wheel being true as this is the reference which the Hanger straightening tool uses. Thread repairs with Helicoils for small size threads.



In general, Ebikes are no different to ordinary bikes in terms of service. The motors are sealed units and do not have a service period, nothing to adjust or oil to change. They may have error codes showing that need diagnostics or external sensors that need replacement.
We specialise in Bosch systems with Yamaha systems coming soon. We can do a diagnosis print out for £15 on Bosch motors that show the running history of the motor since it was manufactured which includes information on how long the motor has spent in each assistance mode.

CompanyTyres & tubes

Tyres & Tubes

We hold a stock of Tyres and Tubes in the common sizes for Road and Mountain use. A puncture repair is charged at £6 (using original tube) or £3 fitting if you buy a new Inner tube from us (Tubes start at £5.50.
Tubeless conversions - £20 this does not include the tyre. Cost includes new valve, new rim tape, sealant plus the labour. The Rim must be in good condition and Tubeless ready.



We fit rear pivot bearing kits on Full suspension bikes, which is to change all the bearings and the pivots if they need changing.
It is very common now not to be able source the pivots themselves on older bikes but new bearings can be fitted. Bearing service costs £75 + bearings.
We do not offer service on suspension components such as forks and rear shocks, well occasionally we do but in general we don’t.

CompanyOther Work/fittings

Other Work/Fittings

New handle bar tape, new brake levers, new pedals, assembly of new bikes bought online, and other jobs, call for quotes.

We had great service from the team at Beics Betws who were super helpful
— Name withheld, Happy Customer
bike repairs


Focusing On What Matters Most

We want you to leave happy that the bike is working well and is safe and the price was great. Should any problems materialise relating to the repair we will look at the bike again for free. Free does not include the price of any other new parts that maybe needed

Typically, labour costs run at £15 per hour which is highly competitive



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